Claim For Cash Confidential Review and Bonus by Jim Mack

Claim For Cash Confidential Review and Bonus by Jim Mack – $1500 a week to start, turns into Thousands More Claiming “Google For Business” Pages

Claim For Cash Confidential review

Claim For Cash Confidential is amazing product

Claim For Cash Confidential that builds residual income for consultants who specialize in high dollar jobs and are banking month after month. The best part: This not the “OLD SCHOOL” Market. With this new tactic you don’t need Backlinking, Articles, Negative SEO, Squeeze Pages and Autoresponders. Everything is outsourced and hit submit and watch the leads come in!! The business owner invites you in for more and more business. Gets you by the gatekeeper and is a super simple system. You don’t need Backlinking, Articles, Negative SEO and Squeeze Pages. Before you say, “No way JIm”, you’re in for a surprise…I know 2 local marketers who have reached a point where they CAN retire but choose not to. They could easily hire someone to service their practice and even after paying them have nice return…like an annuity every month! And one started from scratch only 4 years ago. Of course it might take you longer, but maybe you have more time, too. When I think of all the gimmicks, schemes and even scams people attempt, it leaves me with ONE question? Why haven’t you decided to develop a simple, honest offline local consulting practice? Your odds of success are probably 80% of you follow a proven plan…like Claim For Cash.

“Marketers Who ‘Know It All’ Are Not Invited To Read This…” It never fails whenever I produce a new training product I always get few marketers who quickly write to me and say, “sorry Jim but I know all this, its not going to help me.” If you really know ALL this and apply it like I teach, then you are missing something, because it does work. However, if you are just ASSUMING it couldnt work then you’re cheating yourself. Heres a secret: Most strategies that work are disguised in a very simple outside. They rarely look amazing. This is your new text content. You can modify this text, add more paragraph, change font style or add images by clicking the edit button. CAN SUCCESS BE PURCHASED? In a manner of speaking, ‘YES’…but its not the modest cost of this training, its the time investment you’ll make. Its about 8 hours a week, to start seeing results. Is it worth it? Well, if you follow this careful roadmap and ask for help if and when you need it, you’ll see results and success. Remember you’re copying someone who’s doing it and thats teh shortest route to success there is.

Claim For Cash Confidential Review and Bonus by Jim Mack – $1500 a week to start, turns into Thousands More Claiming “Google For Business” Pages will sold out.

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Claim For Cash Confidential Review and Bonus by Jim Mack – $1500 a week to start, turns into Thousands More Claiming “Google For Business” Pages

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What’s In It For You ?

Proven Strategies That Work: Claim For Cash Confidential is a complete and tested blueprint we are using absolutely smash out offline marketing every day of the week. Fluff-free and 100% actionable strategies.

Hot Niche, Product & Sales Copy: This is a new and cutting edge way to repair reputations for small businesses and prospects are hot to learn the newest systems that will change the way reputation management is done. Anything that increases monthly payouts without any more work is always hot and in demand.

Reciprocation For Quality Products: We support our JV partners and make sure we do everything to send you clicks and sales like crazy. You have something that needs promoting, just hit me up on Skype (tigerjim14).

Top-Notch Customer Support: With constant communications and active support desk, you will never be disappointed.

Become a Well Paid Local Consultant



***Just some of what this New Training Includes***

  • Easiest Ways To Find Good Google Claim Prospects
  • How To Immediately Get The Attention Of Those Hot Prospects.
  • The Number One Thing To Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook from Local Prospects
  • How The ‘Need & Greed’ Proposition Works
  • How To Craft Your Non-Salesy Straight-forward Talk
  • What To Say And Do If They Hesitate or Object
  • The “Google Calls Me All The Time” Stall
  • Angies List Better Than Google?
  • How Many Reviews Do you REALLY Need
  • The No-Nonsense Way To Price Your Service…so you dont undersell…BUT also you dont turn prospects away.
  • The 4 Step Plan That Keeps You Busy With Clients
  • Copying The 6-Figure SEO Guys
  • Why Most Social Media Promotion Doesnt Work
  • The Best Free Tool Google Has (its not what you think)
  • Citations Dont Work Unless You Add [Blank and Blank]
    Best Ways For Accepting Payment – Dont Get Screwed!
  • The Easiest Referral Generator
  • The BEST Upsell Services You Should Offer

To Ensure Your Success And Give You Every Advantage I Have Included…

  • “Over The Shoulder” videos to show you exactly how we run our business so you can easily do it yourself.
  • Email Templates so you can prospect and follow up. Written and designed to grab your prospects attention.
  • “Done For You” Sales Presentation that closes the sale for you. It makes it nearly impossible for your prospect to say no to your services.

And Picture This: (You can mark your calendar right now!)

It’s one year later. You took me up on my offer.

  • You’re now Totally Debt Free
  • You’ve said goodbye to your boss and are closer to your family than ever before. The only thing dragging you out of bed, is your early morning jog, maybe a game of golf…
  • You now laugh at your credit card statement. You laugh because you pay them in full each and every month… if this is what you want to do.
  • You now have choices! People can tell that you are enjoying life now.
  • You have an aura of calmness, and relaxed confidence.
  • You have a joyful smirk because you bank account balloons with all the money you stuff in here…legally. Money is not a concern anymore. Can you feel it?

This Is NOT For Everyone

Because of this outrageous personal guarantee, I need to be upfront and tell you what is expected of you :

  • YOU need to spend at least 45 minutes-1 hour a day working on your business.
  • YOU must be an ethical, honest and provide the BEST service – NOT someone who just takes the money and runs.
  • YOU need to be able to follow step by step instructions. If you can meet these criteria, then this is the last program you will ever need.

Claim For Cash Confidential : FAQ

Q: Is this just a re-hash of previous courses?
A: No, This new course is different…because I’m teaching the best Door Opener System Ever. AND, how to stair-step your way to a bigger and bigger paid client.

Q: What is different about your lead generation methods for clients?
A: In the DFY system, We do all the work for you. The advertising, social media to drive leads. (I hate complicated stuff) It is so simple to outsource and set it and forget it. ANYONE can do this.The beautiful thing is the clients pay you each and every month!

Q: Does this take a lot of time?
A: Each client initially takes about an hour to setup. Then minutes per month to manage.

Q: Will I need a large budget?
A: No. You can do this with no money, just your own time and effort. A little money for an outsourcer will make it go faster, but its not necessary.

Q: Won’t my clients Be Taking A Chance On me?
A: Nope. and thats because well show you exactly how to implement this system. Its proven to work and thats what you’ll be offering.

Q: Will I need Employees?
A: NO (Unless YOU Want Them) —If you choose to use virtual assistants or outsource thats fine. But its necessary.

Q: Does this work outside the U.S.?
A: This is PERFECT for out-of-area marketing. Since you do NOT need to meet any of your clients…so you can have clients all over the world.

Q: If It’s so Good…Why Don’t you charge more?
A: Simple…I actually make my earnings from Local Clients, not from product launches and you. It may sound corny, but I do enjoy helping marketers.

Q: Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to sign up businesses?)
A: This entire business is totally location independent and can be done entirely by email. However you will always do much better if you are working in your own back yard.

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Claim For Cash Confidential Review and Bonus by Jim Mack – $1500 a week to start, turns into Thousands More Claiming “Google For Business” Pages

Claim For Cash Confidential Review

Claim For Cash Confidential is the best software on the market right now (as far as I know). However overall this Claim For Cash Confidential does a great job. Claim For Cash Confidential is a huge time saver and will save you money Claim For Cash Confidential review

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