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CookAzon Review and Bonus by shane paxton

CookAzon Review and Bonus by shane paxton – Done for You Amazon Affiliates Cooking Niche Affiliate Website Installed and Set Up In Under 15 Minutes

CookAzon review

CookAzon is amazing product

CookAzon is a automated solution for those who want to instantly compete in a very lucrative and contantly growing super niche and earn a great passive income. The first thing we have to talk about is AUTOMATION. At the heart of CookAzon lies the Advanced Automation Engine. This is what drives CookAzon to be the most fully featured Automated Cooking Niche Affiliate Website. Automation is the key. From articles, news, photos, videos and yes, Amazon Products, CookAzon does it all. Once CookAzon is installed it will continue to automatically build itself and generate traffic for itself. That’s right. It’s not just the automated content creation, CookAzon will also automatically generate traffic in several ways. More about that later.

It is a completely automated niche affiliate website that you install (which is very easy), add your amazon affiliate details and then CookAzon will automatically run itself publishing all of the content including recipes, articles, videos, photos, news and amazon products in the cooking niche. We all know that the Cooking and Recipes niches are HUGE and there is a ton of money to be made and CookAzon creates a stunning Authority Niche Site for you in the Cooking and Recipe niche. But, not only is the Cooking and Recipe niche on of the the hottest niches going, they are also EVERGREEN which means you can promote products year around!

CookAzon Review and Bonus by shane paxton – Done for You Amazon Affiliates Cooking Niche Affiliate Website Installed and Set Up In Under 15 Minutes will sold out.

Get Now CookAzon :

CookAzon Review and Bonus by shane paxton – Done for You Amazon Affiliates Cooking Niche Affiliate Website Installed and Set Up In Under 15 Minutes

CookAzon ReviewMore Video

CookAzon OTO / Upsell :

Front-end product is CookAzon Automated Amazon Niche Affiliate Authority Website

Upsell is a Package of 3 Custom Niche Affiliate Websites

Upsell 2 is Complete Research Package that compliments the front-end. (Notice! This is a tentative upgrade and may not be included in the funnel)

CookAzon Features :

  • Completely Automated
  • Automated Content
  • Automated Traffic
  • Automated WP Maintenance
  • Automated Monetization
  • Automatic Amazon Product Updates
  • Installed and Setup In Under 15 Min.
  • Easily Add More Amazon Product Campaigns
  • Direct to Amazon Cart Functionality
  • Automatic Amazon Link Localization
  • Over 70 Cooking and Recipe Categories
  • Automatic Video Reviews For Amazon Products
  • Automatic Content Rewriting
  • Primary Pages Created For You
  • Amazon Banner Advertising
  • Complete Social Interaction Functions Included
  • Automatic Content Syndication to Social and Web 2.0 Sites
  • Track Every Stat About Your Site You Can Think Of
  • Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Already Added For You
  • 100% Mobile Ready
  • 90 Day Amazon Affiliate Cookie
  • Google Webmaster Integration
  • And much more!

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Install CookAzon (it’s very easy and they show you exactly how to do it)
  2. Enter in a few details
  3. Make your site live
  4. Site back and watch CookAzon automatically build and grow your site!

Key Areas Of Automation

#1 Content

  • Cooking Articles – High quality Cooking related articles from the best sources.
  • Cooking Recipes – Curation of the most popular cooking recipes from around the web.
  • Cooking News – The latest breaking news in the cooking industry from reports, press releases and more.
  • Cooking Photos – Spectacular images of the finest dishes from around the world.
  • Cooking Videos – Cooking tutorials and how to’s increase visitor engagement.
  • Cooking Amazon Products – The bestselling cookware and cooking related products ensure great commissions.

#2 Traffic

  • Aggregators and Ping Sites – CookAzon automatically sends your content to over 25 of the most effective ping sites and content aggregators when new content is published.
  • Content Syndication – CookAzon automatically syndicates your content to the top social platforms and web 2.0 properties allowing your content to get noticed and ultimately get ranked and generate traffic on autopilot.

#3 Maintenance

  • Amazon Products – CookAzon automatically updates all of your amazon products so your site will always have the right products and the right prices.
  • WordPress Updates – CookAzon automatically updates your wordpress installation and it will also update your plugins and themes.

Become an Amazon Affiliate Guru and Instantly Compete in The Cooking Niche and Sub Niches by Owning Your Very Own Authority Niche Site…Packed with Amazing Automated Content and Hottest Cookware Products…Installed In Just Minutes!

REAL Authority site that has all the features that will allow you to automatically build a high quality niche website with the most popular content visitors will want to consume.

With CookAzon’s automatic monetization allows you to make a passive income plus the ability to add banner advertising and products from several affiliate sources.

This site was designed to be easy to use. We show you how to install and setup your site. You an add your amazon affiliate ID in just a few clicks and be up and running in 15 minutes flat. You can finally build a real business and focus on your profits…

Instant Real Authority in the Lucrative Cooking Niche and Sub Niches with an Authority Niche Content Site the Search Engines Love…

Don’t get caught in the Google traps! We know they HATE low value affiliate sites. With CookAzon you will have a real business with massive true value that provides your users with a unique and fun experience…All while putting commissions in your pocket!

Amazon Cookware Products
Each product page has multiple product images so your customer can easily see the product. Your customer has the ability to directly add the product to their Amazon Cart! Each product has a clear description and most products have Video Reviews. Your customers can read Real User Reviews right no the page. Below each product your customer can see Relevant Related Products so that your visitor continues to view your website!

Complete Diets Category
Posts in this category have Cooking Tips and Recipes for man different Diets. Your visitors will be able to browse high quality and valuable content related to the diet they are interested in. From Clean Eating to the Paleo Diet you will have your visitors covered!

Cooking Video Blog and Tutorials
Your visitors will love coming to your site to view all of the best and latest cooking instructional videos. Having a high quality video blog on your site especially in the cooking niche is very important.  It adds value to your site which increases visitor retention and engagement!

Complete Recipes Category
Having all of the latest and most popular recipes is the cornerstone of a great Cooking Niche Website and with CookAzon you have exactly that! With several Recipe sub categories you will always have what your visitors are looking for.

And Many More Categories!

All Major Amazon Programs Available With Amazon Add to Cart Functionality…
CookAzon comes with U.S products but you can also add products from all of the Major Amazon Programs. When a visitor clicks on the buy button CookAzon will automatically add it to their amazon cart. All you have to do is sign up for that country’s Amazon program, add your information and CookAzon will do the rest for you…

Completely Automated Content, Traffic and Maintenance
CookAzon will automatically publish content, syndicate content and share content.  CookAzon also has the ability to automatically update WordPress and WordPress plugins so you don’t have to.

Want to add more products? No Problem!
With just a few clicks you can set up new campaigns using several different options to add more cooking products to your site. Plus CookAzon will automatically update products on your site making sure your site is always current and up-to-date…

CookAzon Other Features :

Selected Cookware and Cooking Products Ready To Sell
Your site comes with Bestselling Products already added and are ready for you to start selling and earning comissions!

Automatic Amazon Product Import
Want to add more products? No problem! Automatically Import New Products to your site buy setting up new campaigns

Automatic Amazon Product Updates
Product availability, pricing and more are all updated automatically giving you confidence in knowing that your site’s products are all up to date.

Direct to Amazon Cart Functionality
When your visitor clicks on the “Buy” button the product is automatically added to the customers cart on amazon. It Also Allows You to Have A 90 Day Cookie For More Commissions

Over 70 Cooking Related Categories
CookAzon comes loaded with over 70 categories of different content to make sure your site will appeal to a broad range of visitors and buyers in this profitable niche.

Primary Pages Created For You
All of the basic pages have been created for you including your legal pages. This is just another feature that will save you time.

Integrated Stats Tracking
Easily track which products your visitors are viewing.

Amazon Banner Ads
CookAzon comes with amazon banner ads in the sidebar. Just insert your amazon affiliate id and you are ready to go.

Content Syndication
Automatically Syndicate Content to Your Social Accounts and Web 2.0 Properties

Add New Articles, News, Videos, Photos and Products
Easily add new campaigns for several types of content!

Google Webmaster Integration
Easy Add Your Google Analytics Code and More to Your Site

Automatic WP Maintenance
CookAzon can automatically update your wordpress installation and plugins

Automatic Video Reviews
CookAzon automatically add product review videos to your amazon products

Amazon Link Localization
CookAzon gives you the ability to localize your amazon affiliate links for all programs you are registered for so you don’t miss any commissions

Content Rewriting
CookAzon can integrate with spinrewriter and bestspinner to automatically rewrite content

Mobile Responsive
CookAzon integrates with software to make your site completely responsive on mobile devices

Earn Commissions From Youtube Videos
CookAzon allows you to import any youtube video or multiple youtube videos and add call to action overlays with any link you want including affiliate links

Automatically Collect Subscribers
CookAzon allows you to collect leads by giving away things like Recipes by its easy to use lead capture software. Just add your autoresponder service and choose your forms

And Many More Features!

The Potential is Huge…We’ve Made Everything EASY…

We have created something SPECIAL for you here today. This is for professional marketers who want to tap in to the amazing potential of Amazon…This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY for REAL Amazon Profits!

Check This Out…

Special Offer Bonus Addon #1…Automatice Mass Article Importer…
This plugin lets you upload and Schedule 100’s of Articles at One Time…You could use this plugin to upload all of your plr articles you get with CookAzon at one time. You can then schedule your articles to be published at any rate you would like!

Special Offer Bonus Addon #2…Automatice FB Content Importer…
This plugin lets you search for popular niche content on Facebook. You can search Facebook for content from right inside your dashboard.  You can then publish the content as post on your site!

That’s Not All…CookAzon Comes With CookAzon MasterClass

  • We show you exactly how to install and setup your copy of CookAzon
  • We show you how to edit and setup new content campaigns
  • We show you how to insert your amazon affiliate information
  • We show you how to setup lead capture forms to collect subscribers
  • Basically,  we show you how to become a CookAzon Expert!

Easy Steps To Get Started

  • Download CookAzon Install Files
  • View The Installation and Setup Training Video
  • Enter Your Amazon Affiliate Info and Start Promoting!

CookAzon Bonuses :

Done For You Weight Loss Amazon Niche Affiliate Site. This site comes complete with articles, product reviews, videos and more!

Done For You Health and Fitness Amazon Niche Site. This site comes complete with articles, product reviews, videos and more!

CookAzon : FAQ

Is This A WordPress Site?
Yes, CookAzon is a custom fully developed Custom Built WordPress Software. You will have all of the features you would normally have with any WordPress site.

Do I Need A Domain?
Yes. You will need to have your own domain name. This is a complete site and should be installed on a domain that does not have anything on it.

Do I Need an Amazon Affiliate Account?
Yes. You will need an amazon affiliate account and you will need to get your amazon associate api keys which are your access key and your secret access key.

Do I Need a Hosting Account?
Yes. You will need to have a hosting account with cpanel access.

Download CookAzon :

CookAzon Review and Bonus by shane paxton – Done for You Amazon Affiliates Cooking Niche Affiliate Website Installed and Set Up In Under 15 Minutes

CookAzon Review

CookAzon is the best software on the market right now (as far as I know). However overall this CookAzon does a great job. CookAzon is a huge time saver and will save you money CookAzon review

Get Now CookAzon :

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