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Controlling Copy 2.0 Review and Bonus by Andy Brocklehurst

Controlling Copy 2.0 Review and Bonus by Andy Brocklehurst – Best New Method How to Write Words That Control People to Do Exactly What You Want

Controlling Copy 2.0 review

Controlling Copy 2.0 is amazing product

Controlling Copy 2.0 is the one product that will change your business, so you better scroll down and ‘order now’ before you miss out forever…Forget the negative connotations of “bullying”, this is nothing to do with that…Today you get a chance to add your name to the big Internet marketing ‘gurus’ that command 7 figure launches. Do you know what makes up a 6 or a 7 figure launch?…Really good copy! Think about this…Have you ever ordered one of those big money home study courses? If so, then go back, grab it off the book shelf, dust it off, and ask yourself one question…”Was This Worth $3k? (or whatever you paid)”. The chances are you won’t think so…Why? Because the hype has died down. You no longer have that slick sales copy convincing you. In fact great copy can sell poor products, but poor copy will never sell a great product. And that’s why “Controlling Copy” was created…This easy to follow, step-by-step system that will guide you through learning how to yield the awesome power of ‘controlling peoples minds’…Are you going to really be controlling peoples minds? Nope…But you are going to be able to position your product in such a way that it makes you want to scroll down and buy right now…

I’ve been marketing online for over 17 years…In that time I’ve have purchased just about every copy writing program there is to be found, some good, many bad. The crazy thing is no matter what the cost of these programs, most didn’t work any better than the others. You would think a $2000 copy writing course would deliver way more than a course that cost $97, but my experience this often isn’t the case. In fact most of the courses that sell for thousands are packed with fluff, filler and fancy packaging…Why? Because once most “copy writing Guru’s” come up with a great idea on how to convert more sales in their writing, they want to command the highest price for the information…So they think they need to create 20 DVDs and fill them with a bunch of chaff that’s going to take you four days straight to wade through just so they can justify asking you to pay thousands of dollars for it. Do you hate shit like that as much as I do? There is nothing worse than spending four days watching a set of DVDs only to find out that the “secret part” that’s actually going to get you the results you want could have been explained in 15 minutes…So you’ll be pleased to know you won’t be getting anything like that when you go through “Controlling Copy.” Controlling Copy is just two hours long, but in that two hours you’re going to get everything you need to know to start writing copy that sells and drives your readers to take action. Is what’s revealed in “controlling copy” the best way to write copy ever? I’ve no idea…But out of all of the sales copy I’ve written this simple step by step process that’s laid out here in video form is one of the easiest and best ways to get the kind of sales and opt in rates that you will ever come across. And there’s nothing left out…There’s nothing that you’ll have to buy as a “part two” later so you can learn the “real secret” or anything like that. This is the whole sh-bang! This is an honest and fast tutorial to show you exactly how to write killer sales letters that almost force customers to buy with a few simple techniques.

Controlling Copy 2.0 Review and Bonus by Andy Brocklehurst – Best New Method How to Write Words That Control People to Do Exactly What You Want will sold out.

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Controlling Copy 2.0 Review and Bonus by Andy Brocklehurst – Best New Method How to Write Words That Control People to Do Exactly What You Want

Controlling Copy 2.0 ReviewMore Video

Here’s a Small Sample of What You’re Going to Learn Inside…

  • The single most important thing to do when writing copy and how it can sky rocket your results by 1200%…
  • How to INSTANTLY get FIFTY PERCENT more opt-ins and sales without driving even one extra visitor to your web site…
  • Seven sure-fire headline templates that have generated BILLIONS of dollars in sales and how you can change just a few words and easily bank thousands of dollars in a weekend…
  • The secret of reader engagement which means you’ll be able to get them to take action from the very first word of your copy and how to get them to BEG you to let them buy…
  • How to magically bypass the ‘sceptical’ trigger and the ‘sales barrier’ in your prospects mind to guarantee they BUY RIGHT NOW.
  • The infamous “one-two punch” trick that will literally make your prospect say…”I’ve just got to have this!”
  • The little known formula for seven figure sales copy that ALL the major “guru’s” are secretly using…
  • The one little cheeky little paragraph that can increase sales by 87%
  • And so much more…

Here’s What You’re Getting Instant Access To…

  • Concise, no fluff, two-hour video course that reveals all, step by step, nothing left to the imagination
  • Totally newbie friendly. You’ll be able to do this even if you suck at writing.
  • FAST results! You could have your first piece of killer copy working for you in just hours from now.
  • A totally repeatable method. You’ll Do it over and over again anytime you need extra cash!
  • Guaranteed results. This works for you or you can have it for FREE.

But they give real examples along the way…

  • The five levels of awareness. Understanding these is critical to converting people.
  • The FIVE psychological factors that lead to a conversion.
  • Learn how to turn your customers into unofficial brand evangelists.
  • How to implant the idea into your prospects BELIEFS that yours is the BEST solution even in a competitive market.
  • What most marketers fail to target and its costing them sales. Hint: It isn’t the price, product, function or desire!
  • The six factors of a Value Proposition. Yes, there are SIX… miss one and it could be game over.
  • The five “WIIFM” questions you must answer in your sales letter.
  • Understanding the “Action Catalyst”. This could be the thing that takes a prospect over the tipping point.
  • How to “control” the reader – this is the closest thing to mind-control you’ll ever do without actually hypnotising or drugging someone.
  • What is an action incentive? You’ll find out inside and discover how to create one.
  • How to beat the fear of your prospect. Trust and anxiety stop a lot of sales. You need to prevent that. Here is how.

Controlling Copy 2.0 Fast Action Bonus…

I love action takers. They are the best customers because they put the training to work and give me incredible success stories. With that in mind it’s good to reward those who take fast, positive action. So if you order right now you’ll also get…The Psychology of Web Copywriting Blueprints – This 40 page no fluff or filler report is pure dynamite. Inside it summarises the powerful weapons of mass influence copywriters. It details blueprints for forcing sales out of online visitors. No fewer than SIX powerful blueprints are laid out for you. I have this open whenever I am working on a sales page. Now you can too.

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Controlling Copy 2.0 Review and Bonus by Andy Brocklehurst – Best New Method How to Write Words That Control People to Do Exactly What You Want

Controlling Copy 2.0 Review

Controlling Copy 2.0 is the best software on the market right now (as far as I know). However overall this Controlling Copy 2.0 does a great job. Controlling Copy 2.0 is a huge time saver and will save you money Controlling Copy 2.0 review

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